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BBC 報導 BNO Visa

今日除左中國外交部話不承認BNO為有效旅遊證件和身份證明文件,BBC 都出咗篇報導提提大家星期日可以開始申請BNO visa。


1. 已有BNO passport 的你可以從2月23日起用一個smartphone app 申請visa。

原文: Hong Kong's British National (Overseas) passport holders and their immediate dependants will be able to apply for the visa using a smartphone app.

原文重申: And from 23 February, BNO status holders who hold an eligible biometric passport will be able to use an app to complete their application from home.

2. 假如你未有BNO, 只有特區護照,你可於網上申請,並需要去指定的簽證申請中心。

原文: Those eligible for the visa can apply online and will need to book an appointment to attend a visa application centre.

3. Home Secretary Priti Patel 話簡化申請程序是為了給予申請者更多的安全感,Home Office 明白他們害怕被香港有關當局標記及認出。

"Safeguarding individuals' freedoms, liberty and security is absolutely vital for those individuals that go through this process," she said.

4. 首相Boris Johnson 話對新既visa 感到非常自豪,可以讓BNOs 喺我們的國家生活、工作和以此地為家。

Mr Johnson said: "In doing so we have honoured our profound ties of history and friendship with the people of Hong Kong, and we have stood up for freedom and autonomy - values both the UK and Hong Kong hold dear."

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